How much gas will I save?  Fuel consumption varies and depends on many factors: driver habits, climatic conditions, road conditions, vehicle condition, and maintenance, vehicle and engine size, tire inflation, etc…  On-road trials show reductions from 10% to over 30%.  HyTronX guarantees a minimum reduction of 10% in fuel consumption after an initial break-in period.

What is my Payback Period?   The higher your mileage and/or fuel consumption, the faster the payback.  For a rough calculation take your monthly fuel cost, multiply by an average of 20% to get potential monthly savings.  Divide this amount into the total cost of the unit, including installation, to find the number of months it should take to pay for the unit and start realizing the savings.

What modifications are required during installation? No modifications are performed on the engine or the vehicle’s pollution control system, only a single entry point in the air-intake manifold is needed to allow the hydrogen and oxygen gases to enter the combustion chambers.

What maintenance is required?  All that’s required is to add the appropriate amount of steam-distilled water into the containment module at the proper intervals, approximately every 3,000 – 6,000 kilometers.

Does the unit operate in harsh temperatures?  Yes, the unit operates in extreme temperatures, functioning equally well in cold northern winters and hot humid summers.

Will the unit void my vehicle warranty?  Vehicle manufacturers must honour their warranty as no modifications are being made to the engine. Other after-market add-ons, such as remote starters, superchargers and block heaters, in no way affect vehicle warranties. HyTronX Corporation carries a $1,000,000, per occurrence, liability insurance policy on its products.

Is there a warranty on the unit?  With proper maintenance and record-keeping, the HTX-EnerG™ System has a 60-day money-back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty on all defective parts.

Will it cause the engine to overheat?  No, since hydrogen and oxygen enrichment produces a faster and more complete burn of the fuel, the engine actually runs cooler.

Can the unit explode?  No, as there is absolutely no hydrogen being stored in the unit, only water and a hydrolytic solution.  The hydrogen and oxygen gases are created on-demand and only when the motor is running. They are immediately and completely burned off when injected into the air intake.  Hydrogen explosions are caused by stored pressurized hydrogen coming into contact with a flame source. There is absolutely no danger of this happening with our hydroliser as there is no hydrogen storage nor flame source in the HTX-EnerG™ System.

Why is HTX-EnerG™ preferable to other technologies?  It’s a portable unit that’s affordable, has a positive direct environmental impact and is available immediately. Gas, electric hybrids, electric cars, fuel cells, bio-diesel, natural gas and ethanol require either the purchase of a new vehicle, major engine modifications, hazardous storage tanks, endless recharging, or costly national infrastructures.

What happens if the unit stops working? Should the unit cease to function for any mechanical reason, no harm will come to the engine.  Vehicles will continue to operate normally as they gradually revert back to their original fuel consumption specifications.

Why aren’t vehicle manufacturers incorporating Hydrogen-Injection systems into their products?  A variety of reasons have been suggested. One of the more prevalent arguments put forward regarding the industry’s resistance to incorporating fuel sources other than liquid based, is that today’s catalytic converters and On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD-II) are legislated as mandatory vehicle components which cannot be bypassed even when regulators recognize that there may be better ways to control fuel consumption and polluting emissions. Those who govern, along with the motor-vehicle industry itself have the power to decide which technology is to be used and which won’t. Why would they promote Hydrogen-Injection when the ultimate outcome would be cleaner engines, less repairs and maintenance, reduced fuel purchases and longer vehicle life? New vehicle purchases would plummet as would related-industry products such as replacement parts.

The market is filled with fuel-saving gadgets, many inexpensive ones are promoted on the Internet… why should I buy yours? Fuel-saving has become a national concern since gas prices continue to go up. Our HTX-EnerG™ System has consistently demonstrated it works. It delivers on its promise. Customers have the added benefit of dealing with a company that stands behind its products. Buying online definitely has its advantages. But after-sales contact and service are not necessarily among them.  We all know someone who was disappointed or frustrated with a product purchased online. Part of that dissatisfaction stemmed from being unable to speak with someone about it. HyTronX Corporation is easy to contact. We will ensure customers are heard and helped.

Is  Hydrogen-Injection  a scam, a hoax or just plain hype? The Internet is full of this type of information. For the past 20 years, numerous people and companies have put out all kinds of information on Hydrogen-Injection technology.  From selling “do-it-yourself” plans and kits on “how to” make hydrolyser units, to actually marketing complete machines. Several  companies who eventually went public, hyped the technology to such an extent that millions of dollars were raised then subsequently spent without any verifiable success.  Some people tout Hydrogen-Injection as the next big thing while others claim it’s a total scam.  HyTronX, with  its start-up budget and limited manpower, has developed its own H-I technology. Performing real-condition field trials on different vehicles have shown that our product lowers fuel consumption. The key is in the effectiveness of the H-I process and delivery system. HyTronX Corporation has overcome numerous obstacles which have plagued so many others by creating a machine that works. Our mission is to market machines that deliver results… not hype nor unsubstantiated claims, kits or plans.  HTX-EnerG™ units are only sold through certified distributors and installation centres, not on the Internet, as installation requires trained mechanics.

It is claimed by the scientific and engineering communities that Hydrogen-Injection  defies the first  two laws of Thermodynamics, being that you cannot get more energy out than the energy you put in – if this is so, then why does the HTX-EnerG™ System work?   HyTronX Corporation has managed to resolve this very problem,   Laws 1 & 2 of Thermodynamics are a given, so in order to work within these parameters, we have succeeded in developing an energy source tapped into the vehicle itself that draws less wattage than the headlights yet provides the electricity needed to produce the energy required for the HTX-EnerG™ System to function effectively and reduce fuel consumption.  Our system results in a net energy benefit.   To achieve this we have performed modifications in order to produce the greater energy output needed to run the HTX-EnerG ™ System, ultimately augmenting the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Got a question? If so, send it to us using the confidential section below.   HyTronX Corporation reserves the right to post, or not, any comments received on this website. 

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