HyTronX Corporation is a Canadian company located in Montreal. We are a young and vibrant organization building a solid foundation in Quebec, a jurisdiction known for its cutting-edge environmental legislation, seeking to expand across Canada and internationally.

Started by dedicated people determined to make a difference, HyTronX Corporation has begun to make a name for itself in the field of Hydrogen-Injection.  Its reputation as a vehicle retrofit manufacturer is spreading. We are a pragmatic company working to produce an affordable, clean tech product… available today!

LVM Limousine Service
LVM Limousine Service

We have been fortunate to partner with like-minded companies and vehicle owners as we grow. HyTronX Corporation has teamed up with public transporters, commercial entities and individuals alike. The overall consensus is resoundingly clear – people want to save money while doing something tangible to fight pollution and improve air quality.

Building an environmentally-driven business is definitely a challenge. The growth cycle is longer for understandable reasons.  New products in general take time to become known. Green products can take even longer.  We are always  open to new opportunities to promote hydrogen  as an alternative fuel with the HTX-EnerG™ technology.

The more people have access to this fuel-saving product, the greater the impact on the planet. In addition to customers, we are always happy to welcome value-added partners as their experience and dynamism can serve to strengthen our company and its success.   

To find out more about HyTronX Corporation, you can get in touch with us directly and confidentially by sending us a note using the section below.

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