Install - Tube in Air Intake
Install – Tube in Air Intake

WHY   Does   the   HTX-EnerG™  System   Work?             In a regular SI engine, the spark generated from the spark plug during the combustion cycle ignites the fuel at about 80° from top dead centre resulting in a 30 to 35% combustion efficiency. By enriching the air with the introduction of hydrogen and oxygen gases through the HTX-EnerG™ System and rendering the air itself extremely combustible, the spark will ignite at between 8° to 12° from top dead centre. This will allow the spark to ignite the fuel faster and in a larger arc resulting in a near complete combustion burn of the fossil fuel. The amount of fuel, as controlled by the fuel injectors and the vehicle’s electronic control module (ECU), will be reduced.

Similarly, in a CI engine, by enriching the air with the hydrogen and oxygen gases generated by the HTX-EnerG™ System, the fuel ignites faster during the compression stroke resulting in less fuel injected to complete the combustion cycle as controlled by the vehicle’s ECU.

HTX Trunk Install - Limo
HTX Trunk Install - Limo

 When hydrogen and oxygen gases are introduced into the combustion chambers through the air-intake manifold, they are effectively converted into a highly combustible partial fuel source during the combustion process. The vehicle’s own ECU will adjust the amount of fossil fuel entering into the combustion chambers by adjusting the duty cycle of the fuel injectors. Less fuel is required to maintain the energy to propel the vehicle and at the same time, will increase the torque and horsepower of the engine because of the increased combustion efficiency.

Greenhouse gases such as Particulate Matter (PMs) are reduced to a great extent.  Nitrous Oxide emissions (NOx) or Sulphur Oxide emissions (SOx) are also significantly decreased. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced in direct proportion to the percentage decrease in fuel consumption at a 99% efficiency rate. Carbon monoxide (CO) is virtually eliminated. A tangible benefit to this reduction in greenhouse gases is a marked improvement at reducing smog levels and other airborne pollutants.

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