WHAT IS THE HTX-EnerG™ SYSTEM? It’s a generating device, patent-pending in over 30 countries, which produces hydrogen and oxygen gases, on-board the vehicle and on-demand, delivering the gases directly into the engine via the vehicle’s air intake system only when the engine is running. There is absolutely NO HYDROGEN STORAGE.

Install - Tube in Air Intake
Install - Tube in Air Intake

HOW DOES HYDROGEN-INJECTION WORK? By introducing hydrogen and oxygen gases directly into a vehicle engine,  combustion efficiency is enhanced thus causing a near complete burn of any fossil-based fuel, making the air entering the intake more combustible.

Most engines today have a 30% to 35% efficiency rating meaning that only one third of the fuel is being used to power the vehicle while the balance of the fuel is exhausted at the tailpipe as unburned hydrocarbon emissions.LVM Limousine By adding hydrogen and oxygen gases into the combustion process using the HTX EnerG™ System, an altering of the air to fuel ratio results in a leaner air-to-fuel mix effectively reducing the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders, controlled by the vehicle’s computer (ECU). The hydrogen and oxygen gases ultimately become an alternate fuel source which increases the combustion efficiency of the engine.  It has been shown that by reducing fuel consumption, polluting emissions are automatically and proportionally lowered as well. 

–   Increased fuel efficiency
–   Lower operating costs
–   Improved vehicle performance
–   Environmentally friendly
–   Increased torque and horsepower
–   Cleans carbon deposits in  engines
–   Extended engine life
–   Rapid payback return (ROI)
HOW MUCH DOES THE HTX-EnerG™ SYSTEM COST?                                Smaller vehicle      (to 4.6L  engine)                  $1,550.00 Cdn
Larger vehicle        (to  7.8L  engine)                 $2,950.00 Cdn
(Taxes and installation costs are extra)
 HTX Trunk Install - Limo     HTX Trunk Install – Limo
CLEAN ENERGY !                                                                                                                                                                                               NO STORAGE TANKS !                                                                                         
A COMMON-SENSE SOLUTION…                                                                     FOR TODAY’S ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGE…                       FOR ALL INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES ! 

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