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Peter Romaniuk - Founder

Raise the profile and viability of HYDROGEN-INJECTION  as an alternative fuel sourceAnd we’ve found just the way… because it’s all in the DELIVERY !

“As president of HyTronX Corporation, I decided from the very start to develop and perfect a money-saving system that actually worked before ever promoting it in the marketplace.  The Hydrogen-Injection industry has been around for decades but has garnered a negative reputation and is looked upon by many as nothing more than a hoax or a scam. Unfortunately at times there was more hype being delivered than actual working products. Thanks to the arrival of the HTX-EnerG™ System, that’s all changed…”  Peter Romaniuk

The principal of hydrogen as a fuel source has been around for centuries.  Records of hydrogen gas itself date as far back as the 1600s, while the process of creating hydrogen and oxygen through the electrolysis of water dates back to the early 1800s. 

Early engines ran on steam and electricity.  The internal combustion engine (ICE) made its appearance afterwards.  Why exactly did the ICE engine win out in the end? Portability and cost efficiency were the deciding factors. In 1912 Henry Ford produced an inexpensive vehicle that didn’t need to be recharged and could travel longer distances now in demand with the advent of roads connecting towns and cities.  Around the same time, Texans discovered oil, making gasoline a more affordable fuel source.  

Is the internal combustion engine here to stay?  Hard to say, but one thing is sure…it will certainly be around for some time to come.  

Can modern technology phase out the internal combustion engine completely some day and if so, how?  Perhaps eventually.  By using water, one of the most readily available and renewable substances on the planet, hydrogen is considered by many to be the “Fuel of the Future”.

A major stumbling block to the success of hydrogen as a viable fuel has been the delivery system.  In the past, fuel cells have been considered the system of choice by science and industry however the danger of hydrogen storage, disposal of fuel cells and need to setup costly infrastructure have hindered hydrogen gas from taking its rightful place in the hearts of manufacturers and consumers alike.

That’s all changing now… HyTronX Corporation has succeeded in designing a safe, portable and affordable process and delivery system for the injection of hydrogen and oxygen gases into a vehicle, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption as well as cutting greenhouse gas emissions.   Hydrogen-Injection is definitely here to stay !

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