What can we, as individuals, do about climate change?
  • First comes the desire to want to make a difference, followed by action.
  • Consumer Demand – use it!
  • Your next car purchase, look at an all-electric vehicle or at least a hybrid.
  • Analyze your own carbon footprint and look for ways to reduce it.
Rather than talk, what will it take right now, to do something about the climate crisis?
  • Talk the talk is a thing of the past and has provided little toward action.
  • Government desire, PLUS technology, science and innovation - not carbon taxes or cap and trade schemes, will save our planet.  Its's time for the government to walk the walk!
Precisely what climate actions can be taken by governments?
  • Governments and the major polluters need to meet and together work and create legislations that is going to fix the problem in a reasonable but aggressive time frame.
  • Governments must have an ear to the ground when it comes to new technologies that can be used to fight climate change.
  • They should continue to support and promote alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power, as well as promote recycling, composting, planting trees and investing in public transportation wherever possible.
  • Start a process to get a good number of ICE gas guzzlers off the road - how?  They'll come a point when it won't make financial sense for governments to continue subsidies for EV or Hybrid vehicles.  We suggest reverse the subsidies and use these monies to pay to get gas guzzling vehicles scrapped and therefore off the road.  
Can I get HTX-EnerG unit installed on my car right now?
  • Unfortunately at this time, the answer is no, although consumer demand could change this answer going forward, 
  • HyTronX is an R & D company focusing on developing clean tech systems that will reduce emissions and pollution in the fight against climate change. 
  • We are not a manufacturing company, however, we look forward to partnering with governments and industry to help bring our technology to the markets that need it most! 
Precisely what climate actions do you suggest Big Oil should take?
  • Oil companies should start to search for future investment opportunities such as bio degradable and recyclable plastics, alternative energy advancements, preferably with green initiative solutions. 
  • Gasoline, is a major contributor to health and environmental problems. Big Oil must look at every innovative science-based solution that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from this product.
Precisely what climate actions do you suggest vehicle manufacturers should take?
  • Consumer demand has already seen most manufacturers introducing all electric vehicles into their lineups.
  • Vehicle manufacturers must continuously meet the ever increasing demands from governments and the public to produce vehicles that emit less emissions.
  • All-electric vehicles (EV's), ultimately will satisfy both government and public demands.               
Precisely what climate actions do you suggest individuals should take?
  • Use your purchasing power to force manufacturers to make the vehicles you want to buy.  
  • Keep tabs on new technologies that can help the environment, utilize and promote them whenever possible.
Now is the Time for Action!!!
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