HyTronX is a private Canadian company with its head office in Montreal and a regional office in Vancouver.

We are addressing the question many are asking:
“What is being done to address the billion plus ICE vehicles on the road today that are emitting harmful emissions”?

Being a small but forward-looking company that has developed an affordable, clean tech product…… the HTX-EnerG™ System, with the capability of effectively producing hydrogen gas on demand and on board a vehicle…… and most importantly…... the technology is ready and available ...today.

HyTronX is dedicated to the reduction of pollution and GreenHouse gases from vehicle tailpipe emissions and thus improving air quality around the world.
In addition we have invested in R & D to develop an on-board charging system for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).


Our current HTX technology addresses all non turbo passenger and lightweight vehicles on the road today.

Now is the Time for Action!!!
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