Peter Romaniuk, President

Peter Romaniuk

Peter was the owner of a successful sales agency serving the garment industry for 35 years. Second career: As a strong environmentalist, with a passion for science and combined with determination and an indomitable spirit in the development of HyTronX and the HTX-EnerG™ System, which is the cornerstone in the production of hydrogen on demand, a key component in reducing GHG emissions.

Ken Hembroff, Vice president

Ken Hembroff

Ken has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur, with a good number of startups under his belt, as well as consulting with a variety of different businesses.  He’s been involved with HyTronX since its inception in 2007.  It was not uncommon for either Peter or Ken to be early adopters when it comes to implementing new ideas. Hydrogen is only now coming to the forefront of conversations regarding alternative fuel and hydrogen injection technology will be front and center, as disruption happens in the auto and transportation industries.

Jonathan Romaniuk

Jonathan Romaniuk

The majority of Jonathan’s career was spent contributing to the development of the fastest growing power tool company on the planet as a sales representative, field marketer and territory manager.  His passion for the environment has led him to pursue the opportunity to develop innovative clean technologies with HyTronX for sustainable mobility and energy in order to tackle the global crisis on climate change.

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