Automobile emissions represent a significant % of the world's pollution. This problem not only needs to be addressed it needs to be cleaned up!!!

To raise awareness and the viability of hydrogen injection as an interim hybrid solution in transitioning from a world based on oil and the internal combustion engine to an all-electric transportation structure and electrification, by doing our part in addressing the growing crisis of climate change and global warming.

To work with vehicle manufacturers, the oil industry, businesses, industries and consumers around the world, in tackling pollution, GreenHouse Gas emissions and carbon by making our innovative and affordable technology available to everyone.

Based on our currently successful technology, the HTX - EnerG™ System, the on-demand and scalable capability of producing hydrogen gas on board a vehicle, our vision now extends into BEVs and FCEVs by re-engineering our existing technology.

We are currently investing our time, energy, and R&D by continuing to develop and fine-tune our expertise to achieve positive results in the following areas:

  • ICE vehicles
  • BEVs
  • FCEVs
Now is the Time for Action!!!