Direct Benefit

Increases the combustion efficiency of an ICE, which in turn will have a direct impact to significantly decrease tailpipe emissions, pollution and particulate matter (PM). 

Collateral Benefits

Will result in increased fuel efficiency and depending on  driver habits, temperature, terrain and other factors, it will help to some degree, to decrease fuel consumption. 

Lowers operating costs, improves vehicle performance, increases torque and horsepower, cleans out carbon deposits in engines and extends engine life.

Is an INCENTIVE to individuals, to do their part in helping the environment without having to make any major sacrifices or lifestyle changes in their everyday lives.

Benefits to vehicle manufacturers and big oil

Will allow vehicle manufacturers to meet ever-increasing government imposed limits on emissions.

Will allow oil companies to extend their oil reserves, develop new products and markets for their oil, as the world transitions into an alternative energy society.

Benefits to governments

Governments must have the political will and political courage to do what's needed to be done to address climate change.  Our system gives governments an incentive to have an alternative to carbon taxing and cap & trade schemes to meet consumer demand to fight global warming and climate change.