What can be done with the billion plus ICE vehicles during the transition to all-electric vehicles with zero emissions?

The challenge was to be able to create hydrogen on demand and on board a vehicle.  

We met that challenge.......

Now, it's time to take real action, with the HTX-EnerG™ System.  With support coming from governments & industry we can begin to tackle this pressing issue.

The “proof of concept” of hydrogen-injection technology for ICE vehicles has been proven as a viable technology since the 1970’s by world-renowned entities, universities and test labs, albeit using stored hydrogen.

Our technology will overcome the problem of safely storing hydrogen on board a vehicle as well as the lack of nation-wide, hydrogen fueling stations.

To date, only Japan, due to their commitment to fuel cell all-electric vehicles, has begun developing an infrastructure of hydrogen fueling stations.  Countries like China, Germany and others will follow Japan's lead.

Our Take on

The Economy versus Climate Change

it’s imperative that the world finds a “balance” to work together. Building the economy will mean major changes and sacrifices at all levels of society including labor, manufacturing sectors and the general public. The same applies for the environment – efforts by individuals, industry, commerce, and governments must work together for the greater good. We must be very creative in every sense of the word, using technology, science and innovation!

Big Oil

the world runs on oil and will continue to do so for some time to come.  We believe that while the world transitions to an electric society, oil and its’ many byproducts will continue to play a major role.  But that doesn’t mean that we must cease our efforts to finds new ways to reduce emissions and pollution from fossil fuels.  Anyone who thinks that oil can be replaced overnight is not aware of the challenges that will have to be met.

Pipline - build it or don't build it

these questions must be asked.  How will the pipeline affect the environment?  How will the pipeline affect the economy?  We say let's build it.... WHY?  A strong economy is imperative in the fight to clean up our environment. 

Electric Vehicles - BEV's or FCEV's

long term both technologies will be front and center and equally important as disruption in the auto industry occurs.

Governments around the world

it’s time for governments to wake up and seek out new technologies to reduce pollution, which will have a positive impact on their citizens health and overall well being.  New economies will also emerge, from these technologies which will create jobs and a higher standard of living for many. 

Carbon Taxes - Cap & Trade

neither one will prevail in the long term.  It's science, innovation and technology that will win out in finding the solutions to improving our environment.

Hydrogen a scam or not

We, at HyTronX have been around long enough to see some fly by night hydrogen companies and private individuals come and go.  From the time we started to this day, some small and large hydrogen companies in the USA and Canada have been identified, whether intentional or not, as accepting investment capital based on facts, false claims and hype that could never be substantiated, thus falling under the category of being a scam.  Some executives of these companies have even done jail time for their part in deceiving investors. 

Companies like ours, who have persevered, still have naysayers, but fortunately they are becoming fewer and fewer as hydrogen technology is proven to be one of the leading pieces of the puzzle in producing an alternative energy source and is a major component in the solution of the climate change crisis. HyTronX is not claiming to be creating energy, perpetual motion nor going against the Laws of Thermodynamics.  Also note that we are not soliciting investment opportunities rather we are looking to partner with governments and or industry to bring our technology to the next level.  Ours is a straight forward and proven technology that does exactly what we state, “ Through hydrogen injection, reducing emissions by producing hydrogen on-demand and on-board a vehicle or on-site.”